Office - Portside Real Estate

Tim Driscoll, broker and owner of Portside, has been one of the top Real Estate producers in Duxbury over the past 14 years. Slowly developing a successful Boutique Real Estate Firm, adding specifically talented agents that each added to his team. This strength has created a distinct market share in one of the "South Shore” of Boston’s competitive markets. His career began in the investment industry as a Specialist Trader on the Boston Stock Exchange with 5 years @ K&S/Merrill Lynch Trading firm, followed by a 10 year stint @Fidelity Capital Markets, during which he developed a keen sense for analysis and market trends. His career oversaw the transition of manual trading on the Nation’s Stock Exchanges toward a digital trading arena, where Tim was at the forefront of implementation.  Applying these skills to the Duxbury/South Shore real estate market has helped Tim see trends in a different way than other "traditional” agents. As the Real Estate market evolves and technology is introduced, these skills will be offer valuable insight.